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“Change begins in the margins, in the shadows where no one is looking, and then moves to the center (to paraphrase Rebecca Solnit). This is why we are focused on accompanying a generation of leaders emerging from the margins.”


Emerge Puerto Rico is a non-profit organization born from Christine and Luis’s experience leading Proyecto Apoyo Mutuo Mariana after Hurricane Maria. EmergePR will accelerate the collective expression of bold leaders by systemically training teams of young people in developing the mindset, tools and skills they need to tackle global climate challenges while solving specific, often personal, local problems.

To achieve this EmergePR is focusing on two essential pillars: education and leadership development. Our objective is to create systems that promote knowledge and leadership development for climate change adaptation bubbling up from the real experts: self-organized community initiatives. Foster multi-sector dialogue, feedback and collaboration built on local experience and ‘ground-truths’. And integrate climate change into education so that everyone can think critically about how to build resilience.


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We believe that a new kind of leadership is necessary to withstand great hardship and our experience after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico taught us that there were key elements in leaders across the islands that jumpstarted a robust community response when everything collapsed. Our charge now is to turn those lessons into shareable modules so that together we can create a force-multiplication effect.